Why This is Here

Because it just is – that’s why.

Look: even I don’t know why this is here, and if that isn’t enough of an anti-recommendation for you to continue browsing this site, then I really don’t know what is. But the way I see it, there are probably far less worthy uses of no-doubt precious internet bandwidth out there. Probably.

Unfiltered Opinion is basically a (very) mixed bag of crap that reflects the sewage of my brain. From time to time, some of this sewage pours down the overflow and onto here for you lucky people to splash about in and get all mucky. News, society, self-improvement, and reviews of books, comics, and other entertainment…I like to turn a critical eye on all of these things. There is zero cohesion though so please don’t expect to like every post I make.

Things are pretty loose and random here but I do abide by two self-imposed commandments:

  1. As little political correctness as possible. Fuck that shit.
  2. No sugar-coating to appease the easily-offended.

If the above is a problem then Unfiltered Opinion probably isn’t for you. I won’t apologise in advance however because it is up to YOU to decide whether you decide to partake in this lucky dip of jumbled-up content ramblings. Nobody is forcing you.

That’s about it. Thanks for dropping in.