Why This is Here

Because it just is – that’s why.

Unfiltered Opinion is a (very) mixed bag of crap that consists of my thoughts and opinions on anything and everything that I feel like wasting no-doubt precious internet bandwidth on. I turn my critical eye on the likes of the news, society, self-improvement and entertainment, and also do a fair few reviews of books, comics, and the odd video game. Basically this is just where I write about the various stuff that interests me, regardless of the lack of cohesion between said topics.

Things are pretty loose and random here but I do abide by two self-imposed commandments:

  1. As little political correctness as possible. Fuck that shit.
  2. No sugar-coating to appease the easily-offended.

If the above is a problem then Unfiltered Opinion probably isn’t for you. I won’t apologise in advance however because it is up to YOU to decide whether you decide to partake in this tombola of incohesive content ramblings. Nobody is forcing you.

That’s about it. Thanks for dropping in.